Planning a Fun-filled Day of Activities for Your Kids

In my opinion, kids are actually entertained very easily. All it takes is your time, cooperation, and maybe a little cash. Not too much money though. With kids, a little money can go a long way.

Outdoor activities turn a toddler into the happiest kid around. Take them to the park to swing on the swings and go down the slides. I know 12 year-olds that still love to do this stuff. The best part of going to the local park is that it's free. But we all know that in order to truly make a child happy, some money has to be spent. So once the playing is through, grab an ice cream cone or a hot dog from the local vendor. Kids love eating food when they aren't in their home. If spending a day at the park isn't enough time out of the day, take them to a movie afterwards. All that playing and running around will cause them to sit still and really take in the movie.

For some reason kids are obsessed with the outdoors, food, and movies. Growing up, the best days were those spent at the park and the best surprises were when my parents said we were going to the movies. If your toddlers can't sit through an entire movie, and believe me, some of them can't, then suggest bowling or maybe miniature golf. Laser tag, arcades, the possibilities are endless. Just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. This could cause you to be stressed throughout the day and in the end making it not too fun of a day for the precious little ones. I have no doubt that the toddlers would enjoy themselves no matter where you took them, the main focus point here is your attitude and how enthusiastic you are.


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