Easy Mothers' Day Gift Ideas For Kids

Help kids give mom a special homemade gift for Mother's Day.

Most kids really want to get something special for their moms and grandmothers on Mother's Day. However, a child's budget is usually pretty limited, so buying an expensive gift is out of the question. That's okay. Moms would rather have something their kids made themselves because it is filled with love and took time for them to make. Here are some easy Mother's Day gift ideas that kids can make or do:

Breakfast in Bed

If there is a grownup around to guide the kids and help with kitchen clean up, breakfast in bed is a treat that a lot of moms enjoy. If there isn't another grownup and moms suspect that the kids have a surprise planned, they may want to "forget" to put away a breakfast tray, some napkins and an easy assortment of breakfast foods, like prepackaged breakfast rolls, the night before.

Handmade Jewelry

Paper bead jewelry is a step up from macaroni necklaces. These beads are so fun to make and can look so beautiful that many grownups make paper bead jewelry, but they are simple enough for kids to make. Simply cut a three inch triangle shape from a magazine page and roll it into an oval using a toothpick or thin watercolor paintbrush handle as a base. Glue the loose end of the paper to keep the bead from unrolling. Let it dry and carefully slide it off the toothpick or paintbrush handle. Then, repeat the steps to make more beads. When you have enough beads, string them on a piece of jewelry elastic to make a bracelet or necklace that mom or grandmom will treasure forever.

Heartfelt Poem or Illustrated Little Book

Artistic or creative children will love composing a nice poem or filling a little book they make themselves with illustrations showing how great their moms are. Since they put a lot of time and thought into these gifts, many moms end up keeping them for a lifetime.

An easy way to help kids make a poem is to show them the acrostic poem format. Write the phrase "Mother's Day" down the side of a page, so that each letter is on its own line. Then, demonstrate how kids can use each letter as the start of a line of the poem. For example, you could say, "M is for Mom, who loves me when I'm bad or good. O is for one special day just for her. T is for ten zillion things she does for me every day..."

For artistic kids, making a book is as easy as cutting a piece of cardstock in half the long way and then fold again to make a four and a half by five and a half inch book cover. Then, cut several sheets of blank typing paper in half the long way to make the pages. Fold the stack of pages neatly in half and stick them inside the cover. Open the whole "book" and bind it by stapling down the center with a long reach stapler. Fold it closed again and start illustrating.

Once kids get creative and think about the types of crafts they can make, they'll come up with a ton of great, free Mother's Day gift ideas that will mean more to their moms than anything they could buy. After all, what better way to show love than to spend time and energy making something that shows your love?


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