Basic Etiquette for Your First Dinner Date.

Are you in the need to make the best impression on the first date? Do you need a lot of things in mind? Do you want to think smarter without exerting too much effort on the date? Do you need to simply come up with something to make the conversation last longer? What else do you need to make a good first date? This article!

Ah, nothing like the sweet atmosphere of a first date. These dates are valuable for the first timers and this encourages you to be at your best, but what does being "the best" mean? What does it actually entail? What benefit will it bring you? Well, there are some guidelines you can make to bring these values into your first date.

Primarily, being at your best will get you to where you exactly want to be... in love. Of course. But for proper results, you shouldn't just "be yourself", but rather a level higher than that. So here are the exact tips you need to keep your first dates as remarkable and rememberable.

1. Have the mindset!

"The mindset of what?" is the question you probably have in your head right now. But that mindset I am implying right now is the mindset of no expectations set except a fun conversation. That's what the date is all about, it's not about the kiss nor the answer which you ask for, but rather it's the conversation and the time where you are able to understand each other fully. Not to mention that you have to take into consideration that one maxim known as "One at a time". Take each step closely and have the most fun with each step.

2. Have good grooming!

Of course, this is rather self explanatory in all aspects. From your hygiene to the way you dress yourself. If your first date is a movie date, you can go casual and smooth, unless this theatre is located at the leaner parts of the city, then a suit would come in handy. 

3. Never ever let her pay...unless she offers.

Some dates end up with the both of you sharing the tab, never reject the offer since she may opt to do so. Rejecting her intentions is like not appreciating what she can do for you. Like being ungrateful of sorts. So to keep the long story short, if she does opt to pay too on the bill, do so. But if she doesn't offer, don't need to bother; just show that dead virtue known as chivalry.

4. Conversations are dynamic, not boring!

I've learned this the hard way, when I was dating a girl sometime before, I  would often talk about the usual long-winded conversations, you can pretty much see the boredom in her eyes to cause her to ask for an early leave on a date. If you can bring better jokes, that would be great since dynamism, spontaniety and quick thinking are the kinds of things most (if not all) girls would love. Prepare for shorter small talk than longer "interview-like" conversations. And it does help to learn a bit of comedy too. Read a lot of news and a lot of stories that make you assume a good position, taking it from the pages of the Demonstration of High Value theory (DHV) in some social psychology circles. And be sure that those experiences are true, sometimes your date can see through your lie (if you did) and all. 

Time is of the essence, learn to date from these steps and you'll be on your way to great success.


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