7 Ways to Slow the Family Down for Some Quality Time

My husband is serving in the Army and we share two beautiful children who are 1 and 3 years of age so you can imagine how busy our life is. So to keep life more interesting we have come up with some creative ways to have quality family time. It all starts with turning off the television and electronic devices that take your attention away from each other.I know this sounds a bit scary but one night a week wont hurt that bad. If you try this, you and your family can be transformed into a family that is close knit.

1. Experimental dinner

    Pick one recipe out of the cook book that looks interesting and try it out together. Assign different tasks ie. one child set the plates and the other the silverware..ect. sit down at the table and enjoy! Conversation is key, so avoid talking about money,bills, work or other stresses. Keep it positive and enjoyable. If dinner doesn't taste as good as it looked in the cook book you can always order out. Cleaning the kitchen together while listening to the oldies station can have you and your family singing dancing and laughing in no time which will turn into awesome memories and a desire to do it again.

    2. Flub up story telling

    Sit down with the family in the living room and start a story with the usual beginning "Once upon a time...". Have each family member add to the story. example: Once upon a time there once was a ________________, who lived in a _______________. The _____________ loved to eat __________ every day of the week. One day the _____________ went to the ________________ and met a new ___________ and they lived ____________ ever after."  Or: each member can pick up the story where you left off adding their part of the story.

    3. Car ride to the country

    Be adventurous. Go for a drive,pop in your favorite tape/CD or find a great station and visit a town or place in your state that you have never been to. Visit a little mom and pops restaurant, sight see, take lots of pictures. Tourist shops have tourist guides to interesting places you can visit in your state and also they can give you ideas for your next ride out.

    4. Movie night

    Pop some popcorn and dust off the family movies. The kids love seeing themselves on t.v.

    5. Game night

    Get some snacks and break out the games.

    6. Picnic at the park (weather permitting)

    Pack a lunch load up the family and go to a local or State park. Bring a football, Frisbee the family dog and enjoy the fresh air. If its raining bring it into the living room and put a blanket on the floor.

    7. Meditate together

    It is important to meditate together as a family. Finding peace on the inside will bring peace in the home. Listening to soothing music while doing daily chores can bring the stresses down to a null.

    Quality family time is important, and too many families these days are either in a rush or zombified by the new and "exciting" electronics and video games. Eventually the word family will become the definition of acquaintance. The time is now to become creative and involved with your family to stop this tragedy from coming to pass.


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