2010 Summer Holiday Kid's Activities at Canion Renanim Mall, Raanana, Israel

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The 2010 Israeli Summer holidays are here again and if you live in the Sharon area, Israel and are looking for things to do with your kids in central Israel, then one of your options is to head for Canion Renanim, Raanana, one of the best malls in the area. The Raanana mall (Canion in Hebrew is Mall) is located in the Raanana industrial area on Hamelacha Street and as well as all the standard shops and restaurants there is plenty to do with the kids.


Canion Renanim Amusement Arcade - Tokyo Park

The Raanana Canion Renanim amusement arcade next to the food court may seem loud to you but kids will love it. The activities for kids in Renanim Mall amusement arcade includes pool tables, bumper cars and the usual electronic pin ball, motor racing and shooting games. Some of the games award tickets to the winners which can then be exchanged for small gifts at the service counter. If you can't stand the noise then luckily there is seating at the amusement arcade entrance where you can watch from a distance and also enjoy a cup of coffee from the nearby food court.

Raanana Mall Movie theatres - Renanim Cinema, Raanana, Israel

The Renanim Canion Mall in Raanana, Israel has seven movie theatres with a selection of kid's films showing during the 2010 summer holidays. You can check out the schedule and what is showing at Seret. There are two-for-one offers and discounts for purchases using certain credit cards. The Renanim movie theatres are located next to the Renanim Mall food court and it is best to use the underground parking entrance near the Aroma restaurant. Escape the Israeli summer heat into the air conditioned movie theatres of Renanim.

Renanim Canion Mall Ten Pin Bowling Alley

To get to the Renanim Mall bowling alley drive up to the roof parking. There are plenty of bowling lanes, and bowling shoes can be rented. There are also pool tables but no kiosk or restaurant selling food in the bowling alley area. A game of ten pin bowling costs almost 30 shekels per person. If you have four children or more you can join the Zahavi organization  and then buy discount tickets to the Renanim Bowling Alley and many other venues around the country. For more information about Zahavi email:giladzeev@gmail.com.

2010 Israeli Summer Holiday Special Kid's Entertainment in Canion Renanim Mall

As usual the Renanim Canion Mall provides entertainment for younger kids throughout the 2010 summer holidays. Every Monday and Wednesday at 18:00 outside the SuperSal Big supermarket famous Israeli entertainers from popular children's TV programs perform for about an hour. The entertainment is free but for the more popular performers like Yoval Hamebulbal (9 August), Tuli Bilbuli (14 July) and Roni Superstar (23 August) there is usually a large crowd.

Canion Renanim, Raanana 2010 Summer Holiday Kid's Activities

Throughout August 2010 Canion Renanim provides kid's activities everyday in the mornings from 10:00-12:00. These activities are held outside the Supersal Big supermarket. This year Raanana's Renanim Mall morning kid's activities include cooking with "Shef b'Kef", balloon art and paper art. The Renanim summer holiday morning activities in the Canion are free!

Summer Holiday Fun at Canion Renanim Jimbori

For younger kids there is the Jimbori jumping gym, a large area of safe padded jumping and climbing equipment. Parents can enter with their kids or watch them through the glass walls from the seating area. There are vending machines with ice creams and cold drinks in the seating area. Accompanying adults enter for free but must be over 16 years old. The Raanana Jimbori is suitable for ages 6 months to about 13 years old. The Raanana Jimbori is clean, air-conditioned and well run with a responsible supervisor at the door, however there is no supervision of the actual play activities so you should stay near by.

Having entered the underground parking from the entrance by the vegetable market and Auto Depot (west entrance) descend to the -2 underground parking level and you will find the Canion Renanim Jimbori. You can also reach the Raanana Mall Jimbori from the escalators or elevator next to McDonalds on the 2nd floor.

Cost of entrance to the Raanana Renanim Mall Jimbori is 30 shekels on a week day and 35 shekels on a Saturday for unlimited playing time.

Raanana Mall Pet Shop

Kids love pet shops and every visit to Renanim with the kids includes a stop at the pet shop. The pet shop is conveniently opposite the Ilans coffee shop so for a few minutes they can watch the animals while you gulp down a coffee!

The Tsomit HaSfarim Book Store in Canion Renanim

Next to the Supersal Big supermarket is the Stomit Sfarim book store which has a sitting area at the back next to the kid's reading books. Although you can't keep the kids busy there for a long time it is worth stopping there for a while.

Yar Hakasum A Magical Fairy Forest in the Raanana Mall

On the -2 parking level is the Yar Hakasum – The Enchanted Forest – the store resembles a forest full of fairies, goblins and strange creatures. Take your kids around the store but watch out that they don't break anything in this crowded store. They can throw a shekel into the wishing pond and even buy a small fairy or magic stone on your way out.

Raanana Mall Toy Store - Mama Yakero

The Mall toy shop is self explanatory and can also use up at least half an hour of browsing time with the kids!

Scattered through out the mall you will also find rides for the kids that cost between a shekel and 5 shekels. All in all you can easily spend one afternoon a week in the Raanana Renanim Canion Mall throughout the two month Israeli summer holidays and still have the kids begging for more! The Renanim bowling alley, Renanim Jimbori and Tokio Park all host birthday parties and the Renanim movie theatre has a VIP room for special screenings.

If you have older kids (12 years and up) you will love this list of the - mostly free - activities that the Raanana municipality is providing for teens this summer 2010.


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